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You have reached the main portal to our server.  From here you can get to any site presently being hosted on this machine. This server runs on a personal dedicated server machine. It has 2- cloned 120 gig hard drives and a 4 TB Nas drive backup. We have 2 gigs of memory and run 24 -7. The server program is called (Abyss) running on windoz server 2000 pro. We are behind a "Zone Alarm, and Windoz Firewall" and use "VIPRE" as our primary antivirus protection A few other programs monitor and safeguard this system. It is backed up daily using "Acronis TrueImage" backup software. It is online using a DSL connection supplied by " Earthlink " and routed by a router by "Linksys" This connection is shared by 6 other computers so it may be a bit slow at times. This system is a hobby of ours, originally setup for putting our weather station, Family Genealogy and for our Hunting Camp on line for all to see, Thru the years it has expanded and turned into what it is today and continues to expand daily. Many sites are in development and will eventually be finished. Some sites will never be done with updates as they are a work in progress. We offer it for public use and information. Enjoy what we have to offer.. --- Webmaster & Owner....

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